With 500+ million active social media users in India and over 5 million content creators, navigating through the Influencer marketing landscape is a maze for both brands and creators.

Xpresious, brands get access to a truly DIY platform,

  • Create influencer campaigns,

  • Hire creators and

  • Track/analyze campaign deliverables.

As traditional digital marketing costs get prohibitive, Influencer marketing is an economically viable option that delivers results in micro-segments at scale.

Whether you are a small business or a nano-influencer, Xpresious ensures guaranteed connections.



Create influencer marketing campaigns from a platform that meet all your campaign needs. Search for creators by categories and geographies, make them direct offers, and automate content approvals, negotiations, contracts and payments. Eliminate skimming of your campaign bucks through transparent pricing and direct transfers.

Track your campaigns real time and analyse results for dynamic alignments.

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Create content freely and let the world come to you. Collaborate with brands that you and your audience care about. Get paid directly for the value you create for brands amongst your audience.

Xpresious is a truly democratic platform that finally allows you to monetize your reach, without intermediaries skimming off from you.

Sign Up and get approached by brands directly. Choose brands & campaigns that you wish to work on. Collaborate creatively and let Xpresious automate everything else – Content Approvals, Negotiations and Payments.

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